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Campbell Hausfeld Review

Does your garage floor too often get smeared with grease? Does your concrete porch need a better cleaning? Is that obstinate dirt on the walls of your building back again? What do you? Strive to wipe them harder? Well, aren’t you just tired of using your hands to do all this? Give your hands a little more rest with electric pressure washers.

These devices are amazing when it comes to impeccable cleaning of dirty surfaces. They work in a magical way. The water under high pressure comes out of the nozzle to fall with great force on the unclean surface and no matter how thick the layer of dirt is, it just pushes them away. It saves you a lot of effort. It is the most useful self-help gizmo of all times. And by now if you are convinced with the idea of a pressure washer, you should simply go for the best. We are talking about the Campbell Hausfeld PW1805 Electric Pressure Washer.

The PW1805 weighs 22 pounds and dimensions as small as 13 by 11.5 by 21.5 inches makes it very portable. Water consumption is 1/5th that of any garden hose. The high power motor is efficiently taken care of by the instant start-stop system. Garden hose can be easily attached using the swivel connecting adaptor. It has 2 wands. The fan lance can be adjusted through varying angles. The stop-when-idle trigger saves energy. The power cord of 35 ft. and pressure hose of 20 ft. helps you clean places far away from your power source.

The PSI of 1800 and GPM of 1.5 together with the steam cleaning feature makes it a very good tool for cleaning. It also includes a detergent bottle and a storage space inside it to hold that bottle and other things like gun, shaft, detergent cup, power cord, etc.

Campbell Hausfeld PW1805 Features and Specification

Potent high power motor
Quick start-stop system increasing durability of motor
Swivel connecting adaptor enables easy attachment of garden hose
Includes two wands for cleaning
Features multiple type fans varying from thin streamed to broad patterned turbo lance
Fan lances are adjustable
Trigger gun is stop-when-idle type
Inbuilt storage compartment for gun, shaft, power cord and detergent cup
Includes a detergent bottle
Features steam cleaning for better performance

Campbell Hausfeld PW1805 has received very telling response. The users are anything but unhappy with this product. Other than few trifling complains like long tiring pressing of the trigger gun, there have been only positive comments. The customers are very impressed with the speed of delivery, the adjusting fan lances and the turbo lance that make all kinds of cleaning possible. The motor is very strong and pretty durable. Some customers have also reported that never expected a gadget priced so less can give such a brilliant service. Some more customers said that they discovered new surfaces that can be cleaned with the pressure washer and that was not mentioned in the product description. In total this product has earned 4 shiny stars.

This product of Campbell Hausfeld is highly recommended as seldom will you come across a pressure washer that is light in weight yet gives a powerful performance while cleaning. And you will find it in Campbell Hausfelf PW1805. The 1800 PSI and the 22pounds is a rare combination that should just not be ignored. If you do, you will be doing yourself wrong. So, don’t hesitate, just go for it!

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